Pastor Donnie and Jean Burke are the esteemed founders of Praise and Evangelism Miracle Ministries (PEM Ministries) in Miami Gardens, Florida. Over two decades of pastoral experience, their leadership has been a beacon of light to many. Celebrating 34 years of marital bliss, Pastor Donnie proudly embraces four stepchildren and is a doting grandfather to eight. While both are deeply committed to the teachings of the Word of God and harbor a genuine passion for souls, Pastor Jean has been especially active beyond borders. She has ministered in several African nations and holds a special place in her heart for her native Jamaica. The Lessons Jesus Himself Taught Us is a Thought–provoking Christian book That delves into many Lessons that Jesus taught when He was on the earth. Over 30 years ago, Jesus revealed new understanding and revelations of what some of these teachings from the scriptures mean to us. The profound wisdom gained from absorbing these lessons will revolutionize your Christian walk. It will enhance your understanding of what Jesus meant when he said, “Be ye perfect even as My Father in heaven is perfect.” You will hear his voice like you have never heard it before. He will speak directly to you. Authors Jean and Donnie Burke and devout followers of Jesus Christ guide readers to explore the transformative power of a risen Christ who still speaks, heals, and delivers. Through biblical passages, relatable examples, and direct quotes from the Lord Himself. This book encourages believers from all walks of life to reach greater heights spiritually and know the Lord like never before. It is not for the curious or the disengaged but for the one who is not only a follower but wants to be a disciple. “The Lessons Jesus Himself Taught Us “inspires readers to deepen their understanding of Christ’s teachings and apply them to navigate life’s challenges, cultivate inner peace, and foster a more meaningful connection with God. It serves as a guiding light for individuals seeking to align their lives with the timeless wisdom of Jesus and discover the richness of His grace and love.


Abigail L, Librarian
A profound Christian book that offers readers a deeper understanding of the lessons imparted by Jesus during His time on Earth. The authors skillfully delves into these teachings, providing fresh insights and revelations that are sure to enrich the faith of readers. Written in the first person to emphasize the divine nature of the lessons, the book serves as a spiritual guide, encouraging believers to reflect on the wisdom of Jesus and apply it to their own lives. Whether you're a seasoned Christian seeking a fresh perspective or someone exploring the teachings of Jesus for the first time, this book is a valuable resource that will inspire and uplift your spiritual journey.

Sue E, Reviewer
Hey, fellow believers! Get ready to have your spiritual socks knocked off because The Lessons Jesus Himself Taught Us is like a turbo boost for your faith journey! This book dives headfirst into the teachings of Jesus, giving you fresh insights that will make you see things in a whole new light. And guess what? It's written in the first person, so it's like Jesus talking directly to you. How cool is that?
But here's why you should grab this book ASAP: It's not just about reading, it's about transformation. You'll walk away with a deeper understanding of Jesus' teachings and a stronger, more meaningful connection with your faith. So, if you're ready to level up your spiritual game and get some divine wisdom dropped on you, The Lessons Jesus Himself Taught Us is your ticket to an epic faith adventure!

Reviewer 338083
Wow, I only received this book a few days ago but as soon as I started reading it, I knew without a doubt that it was going to be a "must" buy for any follower of Jesus. Clear, concise and easy to understand, these authors have written an awesome and inspiring book in which they use scripture to help the follower manage every day circumstances and life in general. I'm not finished reading it yet, but I recommend it 100% to anyone looking to deepen their relationship with God and their understanding of the Bible. Thank you NetGalley for the opportunity to read and review an advance copy of this wonderful book!


Over three decades ago, I chose to walk in the footsteps of Christ. Jean, my girlfriend at the time, had recently embraced salvation. She insisted we attend church, and to appease her, I did — sporadically. My childhood memories of the Bible, of proclaiming Jesus as my Lord and Savior, seemed distant. As adolescence beckoned, I drifted away for myriad reasons. While I gradually warmed to the church-going experience, my commitment was still superficial. My indulgences in smoking, gambling, and other vices remained. Jean's growing conviction about our wayward lives prompted our decision to marry, which I initially took in stride. As she delved deeper into scripture, I joined her journey. One fateful evening, she was overtaken by the Holy Spirit, and her fervor drew me in. The events of that night are a blur; what I recall is a profound, visceral experience that left me disoriented. The fundamental transformation occurred the next day. Immersed in the story of the old and young prophets in the Book of Kings, I was gripped by a profound empathy for the young prophet's plight. Suddenly, I found myself speaking in tongues. This was the commencement of my incredible journey with the Lord. Through the Holy Spirit, I discovered the essence of true love in Jesus. My heart brimmed with such joy that I felt an overwhelming urge to share it. But this newfound zeal wasn't universally appreciated. To many, my declarations of love became overbearing. My commitment to the church deepened, and I voraciously absorbed the teachings of the Bible. A miraculous chapter unfolded when Jean shared divine messages she believed she had received with me. Initially skeptical, my doubt faded as I discerned the biblical truths within her writings. These teachings fortified my faith and shaped my character. Despite our earnest beginnings, our spiritual journey was not without detours. But every time I revisited these teachings, fresh insights emerged. The intensity of my commitment waned for a time, but in November 2022, a health scare jolted me into renewed urgency. I pondered our mortal existence, realizing the importance of preserving and sharing the divine instructions Jean had received. While Jean hesitated to publish, I felt a deep-seated urge to share these revelations. And so, more than 30 years later, this compilation came to be. It’s a testament to our journey and a guide to deepening your understanding of the scriptures. These teachings are not just personal reflections; they are a call to approach the scriptures without prejudice and to embrace God’s perspective. This volume is just a glimpse. I hope to unveil all the teachings in due time. It's my sincere wish that these revelations draw you closer to God and enrich your spiritual journey. God bless.


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